Инвертор DELTA RPI M30A_120

Инвертор DELTA RPI M30A_120

6 750,00 лв. с вкл. ДДС


Phases: 3
MPP-Tracker: 2
AC power: 30000 Watt
MPP voltage range: 200 – 1100 Volt
Warranty: 5 years
Kommunikation: RS485
Delta RPI M30A 120

Since 1999, Delta Energy Systems has invested in the development and global commercialisation of the Solar Inverter Program. Delta has made a name for itself with highly efficient 3-phase solar inverters for the European market. The wide input voltage range of 200 – 1000 V and the intelligent controller with 2 MPP trackers, give the inverter maximum flexibility.
Benefits of the Delta RPI M30A 120

Graphic LCD display
Input voltage range of 200 – 1000 V.
High efficiency of up to 98.3%
Fanless design
DC overvoltage protection
AC overvoltage protection
string fuses

Product features

30.0 kVA power 3 Phasig
2 MPP trackers 200 – 1100 V
Fanless by natural convection
2 x RS485
1 x potential-free contact
Dimensions 625 x 612 x 278 mm
Weight 48.5 kg