Контролер Growatt Shine Link

31,20 лв. с вкл. ДДС


The Growatt Shinelink is specially intended for Growatt inverters. This makes it possible to monitor a total of 8 inverters. The Shinelink is easy to install with a plug-and-play connection and includes cable-free easy installation.

Data and monitoring

The Growatt shinelink contains a data archive of 30 days. All inverter data is stored and can be easily retrieved via the Shinelink. Even internet disruptions are monitored and stored. This gives a clear picture of the performance of the Growatt inverters. The Shinelink has a 120M long range and wide coverage. This makes it possible to monitor 8 inverters with 1 Shinelink.

Monitoring  up to 8 inverters via RF